Fundion enables asset managers and lenders to offer SMEs unique market-leading product propositions in all product categories. Fundion aims to be the preferred choice for alternative and traditional financiers who are looking to outsource their front end to back end lending processes.

Our founders

Topicus: for over 20 years Topicus has been specializing in offering fintech solutions for business lending and has been working with the majority of major banks in the Netherlands.

Fortion: the holding company of the largest nationwide network of specialized SME debt advisors in the Netherlands. Their main brand is Credion. For over 15 years Credion has been enabling entrepreneurs in realizing their ambitions by providing a financing advice that fits their situation and needs. Credion realizes over € 1 billion SME debt volume annually.

A group of financial investors with a strong track record in asset management.

Art van Bruggen: Co-founder and CEO of Fundion, a professional with over 20 year’s experience in the Corporate and SME lending chain (front office, risk management and operations). Among other things, Art has held several senior management positions at ING and was a member of the supervisory board of Qredits.

It is our ambition to become the leading, most flexible, fastest and cost-efficient independent loan servicing company with a strong distribution network in the Netherlands, ready for international expansion.

Our background and ambition

Where traditional loan servicers focus on a ‘steady state’ and standardized processes across all funders, Fundion was established recognizing that the SME market is diverse and that competitive advantage can be found, amongst other things, in product- and process specialization. Fundion offers flexibility, innovation and the ability of having a customizable solution for SME lending.

This requires a high degree of flexible automation. Additionally when competing with traditional funders, access to alternative distribution models is essential. That is why Fundion was founded by two companies with a strong track record in SME loan automation (Topicus) and SME debt advisory (Credion). By working closely together in the lending chain we can respond to our customers’ needs proactively and in a direct manner.

Fundion offers product building capabilities and a diverse range of distribution options. These include an indirect channel through Fyndoo unlocking the distribution power of several networks of independent financial advisors like Credion and many accountants as well as app-store integrations with ledger applications such as Exact Online. Naturally, reverse integration with portals and external loan servicing systems are also possible using our API’s.