Fundion enables asset managers and lenders to offer SME’s and CRE investors unique market-leading products in all product categories. Fundion aims to be the preferred choice for alternative and traditional financiers who are looking to outsource their front-end to back-end lending processes.

Our background

Fundion was founded in 2018 and is now part of the Hendrick Group. Hendrick aligns the financing needs of SME’s and Real estate investors with the investment requirements of Financiers. Besides Fundion their main brand is Credion. For over 20 years Credion has been enabling entrepreneurs in realizing their ambitions by providing a financing advice that fits their situation and needs. Credion realizes over € 1.5 billion SME and CRE debt volume annually.

It is our ambition to become the leading, most flexible, fastest and cost-efficient independent loan servicing company with a strong distribution network in the Netherlands and Belgium ready for further international expansion

Our promise

Fundion offers financiers a full suite of services to optimize their lending process from front to back end leading to:

  • Low cost of servicing
  • Predictable defaults based on data captured through the value chain
  • Yield optimization as a result of risk based pricing and strong market knowledge
  • Potential access to the securitization market
  • Pro-active advice on optimization of product specs and product development